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  1. hello, I could access your article ” 10 reasons why video games should be banned for children” in moving to learn website but now I can’t access it because google has classified the site as unsecured. could u please help me?

  2. Hi Chris. If a family needs help with children who access too much screen time, are there any resources for them? Do you or someone you can vet provide education, possible therapeutic direction, etc. directly to families? So many parents were themselves raised on screens — I’m not sure they are able to “give what they didn’t get” in terms of alternatives.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’ve created a webinar series for families to help members work together to better manage screens called “Tech Talks for Families” available on my website I’ve also written a book called “Virtual Child” available on amazon. There are also many free tools on the website e.g. Ten Steps to Unplug Your Children from Screens. If your community e.g. daycare/preschool, school, PAC’s are interested in a webinar, I offer a 2 hour workshop called “Disconnect to Reconnect” profiling my Balanced Technology Management concept where we increase access to 4 critical factors for development and learning, thus reducing use of screens. My life is dedicated to helping families, so let me know if there is something more specific you require?


  3. Dear Cris,

    I hope you’re well.
    I see this comment is public! Sorry – I can’t see another way to get in touch.
    I am writing a feature for the UK national newspaper The Times, about gaming. We would like to include some information for parents about (say) five popular video games, with some guidance from a brilliant expert…
    It would be great to speak to you. But my deadline is tomorrow midday and it’s 9pm already here. Are you around now?! Or in an hour or two? Do let me know.
    Thank you, and all best wishes,

    Anna M

  4. Hi Cris,
    I’d like to see the details of the sources you refer to in parentheses in your article ”Ten reasons”.
    Tank you,
    Benoit Gauthier

    1. Hi Benoit,

      Thank you for your interest in this research. There are 21 pdf research articles cited in Ten Reasons to Ban Handhelds in Children Under 12 which I will send to you via High Tail which is a large file server. Please check your spam file if you don’t receive in your email inbox.


  5. your website is stupid in my opinion. the article in particular . you say these games should be banned for kids under 12. you failed to mention that there are games that are made for kids under 12 heck ever 3 year old’s. you failed to understand that kids know how to behave. if a kid kills 6 people in a fortnite match that wont make them more violent. if the games story line makes the kid attached to the violence then that’s what makes them violent. and movies get WAYY less harsh rating than games. these lists are made by people who know NOTHING about video games ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. in the list you mention brain damage and learning difficulty and social problems . video games have a positive effect more than negative queuing up with strangers in forntite and having the courage to talk to them helps with social skills. games like minecraft improve creativity and is suitable for any age. and how does it cause brain damage at all. you making these lists encourages parents and officials to make things too easy on kids. games like fortnite wont make you violent , it might actually help because it can teach you how to handle violence and tolerate it in moderation. the poor school performance is a load of bull beause if the kid is struggling in school and everyone blames it on video games the kid wont get the help he needs. and if the kid likes playing video games people pinning the blame on video games will make the kid stressed and play it out of moderation. most kids use video games as a escape from stress and you’re out her saying video games are the root of all evil. never has a kid played a game and said. i feel like i want to commit a crime. people like you are making kids too censored and making them not able to handle bullying light/dark humor, you all are censoring kids too much and they are becoming snowflakes. so I ask you to remove that list and become educated on the topics you are writing about the article in question is and a lot of your articles do the same thing i bet

  6. Hi Cris
    I was in your seminar at the TIE Conference in February. You had mentioned you would have a course available. Do you have any information about it?
    I live in Terrace and I believe our district is hoping to have you visit. I’d love to see you again.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I’m bked to provide a workshop for your school district Oct. 23 but looking like we may need to switch to live webinar format d/t covid restrictions.
      The Balanced Technology Management certification for teachers is undergoing modifications to reflect new covid impact research with inclusion of school movement and nature interventions eg split class with half outside half inside.
      Will update BTM certification at webinar.

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