Zone’in Christmas Carol

The Twelve Years of Christmas Tech…NOT! Parents everywhere are struggling with Santa lists loaded with tech toys this Christmas, and not wanting to disappoint, many are caving to pressure from their children to give them what everyone else is getting (or so they say)…Christmas Tech. With research showing significant harm from tech, especially to young […]

Learning Paradox – The more kids use technology, the less likely they are to learn

Please refer to the Fact Sheet located on the Zone’In website for research references. Today’s education systems are globally embarking on an experiment of epic proportion – the prolific use of computers to educate children. Without long term, replicated research data to support the use of computers as effective teaching tools, school administrations blindly […]

The Last Generation – Are technology and human survival mutually exclusive?

Over the course of the past 50,000 years, humans have managed to rise to the top of the food chain to dominate all other life forms on planet earth. Until quite recently, humans have successfully functioned as “pack” animals, with each member of the group serving a vital purpose and role. Darwin’s “survival of the […]