Family Fabric – Disconnect from the virtual, reclaim what is real

As a recent guest lecturer in Canada, US, China, India, and Nepal, I’ve witnessed vast disparities in wealth, religion, and culture. Yet my travels to globally based remote villages have also revealed one striking similarity, one unifying value, one central concept that ties all of humanity together. Above all else, human beings cherish their families. […]

Preventing Autism – It might be easier than you think!

Recent shifts in autism research from biological to environmental determinants, has yielded prolific data with exciting implications. This information when applied, could not only prevent autism, but also reduce symptoms in children who already have autism. Interested? This proposed intervention for autism prevention and treatment requires two components 1) absence of screens, and 2) eye […]

Wifi in Schools – Known risk, perilous outcomes, irrefutable liability

Join the Refuse to Use movement to create sustainable futures for all children now! In 2011, the World Health Organization categorized wireless (wifi) radiation emitted from cell phones, laptops, tablets, mobile phone bases, baby monitors, and routers, as a Class 2B, or possible, carcinogen. This classification was based on adult data, and did not take into […]

Child Mental Illness – Have we individualized what is really a systemic problem?

Includes “8 System Initiatives to Enhance Child Development and Learning” As a pediatric OT, I have ongoing opportunities to observe and provide recommendations for interventions for children in a variety of environments. Providing assessments and educational workshops in homes, daycare/preschools, schools, child development centres, and clinic settings, have provided me with rich and diverse information […]