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Ten Child Rights:
Introducing Reconnect Webinars

The ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology are not sustainable. Isolated, neglected, overstimulated and sedentary, the new millennium child is struggling to survive. Adult difficulty managing their own devices is eroding parenting skills and negatively impacting worker wellness and productivity. It’s as if we are all blindly travelling on a “Tech Train” going 100 mph and even though humans are falling off, no one seems to notice. In my role as an occupational therapist, biologist, author, activist and child advocate, I have woven together my training and years of experience with current research, to create a unique and timely series of webinars.  Reconnect Webinars are designed to highlight problems associated with screen overuse and guide teens, parents, teachers, clinicians and workers, to begin the process of managing balance between screens and healthy activities, termed Balanced Technology Management (BTM).

Reconnect Webinars brings together all the major players that contribute to screen overuse (kids, parents, teachers, clinicians, government, researchers and technology production designers/corporations) to create a ‘system of solutions’ for screen overuse. This team concept allows participants to move forward together toward universal and effective BTM strategies. The three different categories of Reconnect Webinars are as follows:

Technology Management Webinars Series

Technology Management webinar series for teens (free), parents, educators and clinicians. Technology Management (TM) webinars profile child and youth technology usage rates, expert guidelines and screen impact research in five domains: physical, social, emotional, mental and cognitive. The teen Screenbuster Program is profiled in educator webinar with Screenbuster training delivered in teen webinar. Outcomes are managed balance between screen use and healthy activities in home, school (classroom, gym, playground), clinic and community-based settings. There are a total of 12 TM modules of ~ 3 hour duration for $100 each, or full series of 12 modules for $500 for parents and $750 for teachers and clinicians; modules 1 and 12 as well as teen webinar are FREE.

Technology Management
For Parents:
Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology Management
For Educators:
The Learning Paradox

Technology Management
For Clinicians:
Screening for Screens

Technology Management
For Students:
Tech Talk for Teens

Child Development Webinars Series

Child Development webinar series for educators and clinicians. Child Development (CD) webinars cover sensory, motor and attachment foundations for enhancing child development, behaviour and learning in home, school and clinic settings. Outcomes are improved child activity engagement and skill performance with implementation of 4 critical factors for optimizing development: movement, touch, human connection and nature. There are a total of 6 CD modules ~ 3.5 hour duration for $100 each, or full series of 6 modules for $500.
Child Development: Sensory Processing
Child Development: Motor Development
Child Development: Attachment & Addictions
Child Development: Technology Balance
Child Development: Attention & Learning
Child Development: Successful Schools

Workplace Ergonomic Webinars Series

Workplace Ergonomic webinar series for workers and employers in the health, general labor and office sectors. Workplace Ergonomic (WE) webinars address strain injury identification, treatment and prevention and the use of 4 ergonomic principles: position, pace, plan, prioritize to redesign worker and workplace for enhanced productivity. Outcomes include reduced injury incidence and improved worker wellness through initiatives to enhance physical and mental health e.g. stretching, fitness, entertainment-based screen reduction and relationship building initiatives. There are a total of 3 WE modules ~ 3.5 hour duration for $100 each.

Workplace Ergonomics:  Health Care
Workplace Ergonomics: General Labor
Workplace Ergonomics:  Office Sector

More About the Technology Management Webinar Series

Child development theory indicates that growing a child is like building a house…it’s all about the foundation. Children and teens right through adulthood all require 4 critical factors to optimize growth and success: movement, touch, human connection and nature, all of which are grossly limited when using screens. Movement builds a strong core, which optimizes motor coordination and mood, thus enhancing literacy and productivity. Touch activates the parasympathetic nervous system for reduced adrenalin and anxiety and induced calming and focus. Connection (or attachment) is life sustaining without which humans can’t thrive or survive. Nature is sensory soothing, promoting optimal attention, learning and behavior. Balancing screens with these 4 healthy activity pursuits will serve to create sustainable futures for all of humanity. Balance Technology Management is a salient theme throughout Reconnect Webinars which focuses on increased engagement in healthy activities rather than focus solely on screen reduction/elimination initiatives.

In addition to covering technology trends, usage rates and expert guidelines, Technology Management webinar series profiles extensive research regarding the impact of screen overuse in the following child developmental domains:

  • Physical (developmental delay, obesity/diabetes, cardiovascular fitness, hyperarousal, vision, melatonin/vitamin D, sleep deprivation and eating disorders)
  • Wireless radiation (experimental, epidemiological and cancer studies, global initiatives, precautionary principle, safety methods)
  • Social (phobia, asocial, antisocial, social media, videogames, pornography, hate/radicalization)
  • Emotional (problem behaviours, identity, motivation, independence, challenge and risk, self-regulation, aggression, violence, cyberbullying)
  • Mental (parent-child attachment, mental health, Adverse Childhood Experiences research, mental illness including depression/anxiety/adhd/autism/addiction, Unplug – Don’t Drug misdiagnosis and medication, data privacy, security, persuasive design)
  • Cognitive (edtech trends, creativity crisis, Covid impact, screen impact research including declining literacy/cognitive impairment/multitasking stress/attention deficit/poor productivity, considerations for screens in school).

10 Child Harms / 10 Child Rights

Reconnect Webinars – Technology Management webinar series exposes the following ‘10 Child Harms’ or ways in which screen overuse has harmed children and youth. Reconnect Webinars then profiles ‘10 Child Rights’ as a framework to guide teens, parents, teachers and clinicians toward effective tools and techniques to balance screens with healthy activities. 10 salient themes in Reconnect Webinars encompass compassionate values and innovative thinking needed to help achieve sustainable futures for all children.
10 harms
10 rights
10 themes

Reconnect Webinars Research

Reconnect Webinars are research referenced from a growing body of studies topically listed in the Reconnect Webinars Fact Sheet found in Resource section of website. Following are just a few of the cited research evidenced topics in Reconnect Webinars.

The Problems

The Solutions

Recognized Experts

Reconnect Webinars – Technology Management series includes interviews with the following recognized experts from a variety of fields who happen to be very eloquent speakers and active advocates for better management of screens for children and families:Dr,

  • Dr. Hilarie Cash – psych, CCD reSTART Internet Addiction Center
  • Frank Clegg – CEO Canadians for Safe Technology
  • Joe Clements – teacher, coach, author of Screen Schooled
  • Lisa Cline – journalist, Chair Screens in Schools committee
  • Dr. Kerry Crofton – psychologist, author Less Screen More Green
  • Phyllis Dyson – teacher, author Among Silent Echoes
  • Dr. Douglas Gentile – psychologist, researcher, professor, author
  • Melanie Hempe – RN, author, founder of ScreenStrong
  • Jean Rogers – Director Children’s Screentime Action Network
  • Theodora Scaroto – Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust
  • Mary Sharpe – lawyer, CEO The Reward Foundation
  • Katie Singer – journalist, author An Electronic Silent Spring
Cris Rowan

Cris Rowan

Ten Child Rights was written in March 2023 by pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, author and speaker Cris Rowan. Cris’s website is Reconnect Webinars, blog is Moving to Learn and book is Virtual Child. Cris can be reached at

Cris Rowen

Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT

Cris Rowan is a biologist, pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist with expertise in the impact of technology on child development, behaviour and learning. Having worked in school settings for over 3 decades, Cris is committed to improving student health while also easing the job of learning for children. Cris is a well-known international speaker and author to teachers, parents and therapists globally on topics of sensory integration, learning, attention, fine motor skills and the impact of media content including video games, social media and pornography on children’s brain and body development. Cris has a BSc’s both in Occupational Therapy and in Biology, is a SIPT certified sensory specialist, and has Approved Provider Status for CEU provision with the American Occupational Therapy Association. Over the past 3 decades, Cris has provided over 350 keynotes and workshops, writes monthly articles for her blog Moving to Learn, publishes the monthly Child Development Series Newsletter, and is designer and creator of Reconnect Webinars which offer research evidenced information for teens, parents, teachers and clinicians to manage balanced between screens and healthy activities. Cris is member of the Screens in Schools committee with Fairplay for Kids, member of the Institute for Digital Media and Child Development and sits on the Board of Directors for the Global Alliance for Brain and Heart Health. Cris has two adult children, Matt and Katie who grew up without screens.

Cris can be reached at Reconnect Webinars offers a free, 5.5-hour CCAP accredited Screenbuster Program training webinar for teens which qualifies them to perform Tech Talks for their peers. The Screenbuster Program requires one counsellor, teacher or principal to complete the 3-day Balanced Technology Management certification CEU provided course in order to adequately supervise the teens.

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