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Corporate Corruption

Corporate Corruption – Technology, data and pharmaceutical corporations have infiltrated the health and education sectors causing extensive and irreputable harm to children.

Wireless Radiation is NOT SAFE for Children – National Toxicology Program findings indicate “Go Wired” campaign urgently required to protect children.

 What is wireless radiation? All devices which operate using electricity emit radiation. Wired or corded devices have insulated cables, preventing leakage of radiation into the surrounding environment. Wireless devices such as routers, cell phones, and tablets, as well as emissions from cell phone towers, are NOT insulated. To effectively transmit and receive signals, wireless devices […]

Preventing Autism – It might be easier than you think!

Recent shifts in autism research from biological to environmental determinants, has yielded prolific data with exciting implications. This information when applied, could not only prevent autism, but also reduce symptoms in children who already have autism. Interested? This proposed intervention for autism prevention and treatment requires two components 1) absence of screens, and 2) eye […]

Ten MORE reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12

Please click on highlighted word in sentence to link to supporting research. Additional research, and research references can be found on Zone’in Fact Sheet. Mounting research indicates technology is harming our children, yet adults continue to adamantly support unrestricted use (Huffington Post, 2014). Handheld devices have significantly increased infant, toddler, and child access and immersion into a […]